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Why shouldn't you go through recruitment? College is one the best opportunities a man or woman can have to prepare themselves for life. Joining a fraternity/sorority makes that experience whole. Going Greek will be right for you if you want to: be a part of the largest social atmosphere on campus; participate in philanthropic & community service activities, make lifelong friends and brothers/sisters; share a common ritual that thousands of other men/women have experienced; connecting to men/women you have never even met; gain access to some of the largest and most reliable networks in the world; develop skills such as: bookkeeping, public speaking, event planning, catering, public relations, marketing, and many other areas; dive into a deeply rich cultural atmosphere experiencing amazing speakers that the average student never gets to see and communicate with students from other cultures A portion of every sorority recruitment registration fee will be donated to the Circle of Sisterhood. The Mission of the Circle of Sisterhood is to "leverage the collective wisdom and influence of sorority women to support entities around the world that remove educational barriers for girls and women, uplifting them from poverty and oppression."

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